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Brian Haw next to his posters in front of the parliament (Howard, 2011)


State Britain (2012) by Mark Wallinger based on Brian Haw protest posters  ©Tate

Degradation of plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVCs) upon heat ageing: Case Study of Brian Haw protest posters from Museum of London


In collaboration with Museum of London, extensive research was carried out on physical, visual, and chemical degradation of PVC plastics over time and how the result could be used to reassess the storage of one of the largest PVC collection from Brian Haw protest collections.

Result found weight loss, yellowing, brittleness, and stickiness from the migration of plasticizers to the surface as an acidic residue. Current method of storage needs to be reconsidered to create equal distribution of weight to avoid creasing and sticking to each other.

Researched quadrant from chapel interior

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Example of Brian Haw posters in Museum of London storage (Image ©Museum of London)

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Storage method at Museum of London. Stached over sheet of tissue paper or rolled up.

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Accelerated heat ageing oven at UCL and City and Guilds.

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